Moving Your Pride and Joy Interstate

With the passion and interest relating to motor sports, streets cars and all things automotive, the process of moving your pride and joy can become a terrifying experience. Australia has an abundance of car shows and motoring events for the average motoring enthusiast to participate in, however when it comes to moving your car interstate, it can prove challenging. Street cars, Hot Rods classics and prestige cars all have one thing in common and that is sentimental value to the owners, a lot of hard work has been put into a rebuild and how a car presents, it is a labour of love, so when it comes to trusting someone to move it to the next meet or major car show, you would want to make sure it is done right.

Drive it to your destination

If you are really attached to your car, you could probably drive it to the next car show in your calendar. Although travelling interstate in your street car may clock up much unnecessary mileage it may not be a desirable option. Depending on how often you attend these events, another option may be to invest in a car carrier trailer or have a custom built enclosed trailer to protect your vehicle on those long drives.

Backloading transport

If you are on a budget and have the flexibility, why not try having your vehicle transported interstate on a backload. Car carrying backloading is common and offers a cheaper alternative to customers by discounting space on car carriers that are returning to the state they are based in. By offering discounted moving rates, a carrier is able to obtain a full load upon their return. For the best options and to find a transporter that meets your requirements, try comparing interstate car transport quotes before your next car show.

Prestige Transport

There are companies out there that can offer full service transportation of your pride and joy that includes insurance from any damage for those that need their assets protected. Options consist of open car carriers or enclosed car carriers. It’s important to note that enclosed car carriers although offer more protection from road debris during transport, can come at a cost and can be significantly more expensive.  It is wise to network and ask others that share your passion for their opinions when it comes to car logistics. Memberships of car clubs can also provide great access to discounted automotive services and parts, so find a car club today.

Queensland a State for Motoring Enthusiasts

Queensland is known to be one of Australia’s motoring capitals and it isn’t too hard to see why. There are literally hundreds of events organized each year in the state that cater for all types of motoring enthusiasts and getting involved in one is all part of the fun.  Since 2013, tougher penalties were introduced relating to traffic offences which gave police more powers when it comes to the states anti-hoon policy. Tougher penalties applied to reckless driving and hooning offences that can result in vehicles being impounded or permanently confiscated. As word spread, motoring enthusiasts became more reluctant to display reckless driving on public roads, instead looking for alternatives on how to get their motoring fix.

Car clubs became more popular and memberships were growing. Queensland was quickly becoming a state for motoring fanatics and organizers are clearly on the right path to encourage young people and all motoring enthusiasts to have fun in a safe controlled environment.

Whether it is classic, vintage or muscle car shows that you are interested in, finding the next big racing event in the calendar or looking for simple car tips and tricks, The Queensland Street Car Blog has all the latest for motoring enthusiasts.

Top Motoring Events in Queensland

Targa Great Barrier Reef – is one of the most exhilarating events in the calendar year. Taking place in Cairns in late August and early September and spread out over 200 kilometres on some of Queensland’s most exciting roads and landscapes. Targa GBR is an event that is sure to amaze and impress all street car enthusiasts. More information can be found at

JP Racing Drag Fest – takes place at Warwick Dragway and gathers street cars all over Australia. Brackets include open vehicles, teched race cars, fast street cars between 6 and 8.5 seconds, traditional street cars above 8.5 seconds, supercharges and street bikes. More informationcan be found at

Australian Street Rod Nationals – showcasing classic and vintage hot rods with over 1400 cars coming together for the 24th Australian Street Rod Nationals in Queensland. Hot Rods from all parts of Australia are on display to show their pride and joy, there will be displays, trade stands, driving events and lots of fun activities for all ages. More information can be found at